Divine Love

God is in All

     I live in a neighborhood that borders what would be considered the country. The night skies get very black and when the sky is clear, you can see thousands of stars shining extremely bright. I am always blessed to see a few shooting stars. One night while star gazing, I had the thought that without the backdrop of the dark sky, the stars would not shine near as bright. Some of them you would not be able to see at all.

     The next morning, I went for my usual early morning walk. God had been dealing with me concerning the darkness, the shadow aspects of my life for a few weeks already. This morning he asked me if I could love ALL of me? Could I learn and accept that the darkness is part of God. Is Love. And that all of it, everything has it's purpose and it's gifts? For without the darkness, without the contrast, we would not recognize Love/God. We would not appreciate and revere the strength that we witness as Love pushes it's way through that darkness. 

     The next morning during meditation, I was brought to tears as God open my eyes to a most breathtaking miracle that I could participate in everyday. Like the picture of the little flower piercing it's way through what appears to be dead foilage, God/Love can be found desiring to be seen, to be acknowledged in the most unlikely of places if one will open their heart (and eyes) and see. 

     Then God told me that I can create synapes that connect love, His love, everywhere I go by seeing and acknowledging these displays of love that are desiring to be seen. When I acknowledge with my heart of love that thing I see with my eye, I connect the two and in that moment, an energetic cord in created. The vibration of that area in raised. Imagine many people doing this all over the world intentionally. Healing happens.

I am a Soul.

I am a soul, a being of love and light in a human body. I am journeying through a life of constrast and obstacles. I am not the obstacles or my responses to the obstacles. I am learning all the different facets of love from my perspective. I am learning to remain in a place of compassion for myself and others. I have learned to be gratefulfor the lessons and to be filled with excitment for the fruit I know each experience will bear. It is my intention as a being of love, a spark of light from the Divine, to achieve the highest version of myself I can achieve in this lifetime. It is not always easy, but always rewarding. We have much assistance and love from our brothers and sisters in the non-material realm. I am forever grateful.